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DOP Laghi Lombardi.

Very few could imagine that in the region among the valleys and steep hills, considered to be a territory of a generous culinary culture with cheese and butter, could there ever be one of the most precious extravergin olive oils (EVOO) in Italy.

Their production and promotions of EVOO, since 1999, are, in fact, registered under the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Laghi (Lakes) Lombardi Sebino and Lario.

The cultivation of the olive tree and the extraction of olive oil in the pre-alpine zone, on the marvelous shore of the lake of Como, known for its temperate climate and a mitigating effect due to the proximity of the lake, was brought and spread by Roman culture, and even before by which of Greek. In spite of  harsh climatic adversities and unfavorable social-economic surroundings over the centuries, olives groves were survived in monasteries, sheltered by terracing stone walls and in the plots of private villages. One time the oil production in this region boasted  more considerable than today especially for its primary use as fuel for lamps, as well as religious/liturgical rituals and only its modest quantity was destined to edible purposes.

If anything defines producers of  high-quality EVOOs of the cooperative Oliper  is none other than their collective efforts in search of the best olives to identify superior EVOOs of their territory, combining the constant willingness to innovate the olive oil processing and agricultural technology with the essence and values of  their traditional olive growing culture, with the foremost respect  towards the environment and well-being for the people, by restoring the ancient old oil mill, which allows the visitors to share a suggestive experience, tasting and purchasing exquisite EVOOs.

This no compromise promise to enhance the quality of  EVOO and a cooperative commitment to excellence, accompanied and supported by technicians and experts  of  A.i.p.o.l (BS) ( Inter-provincial Association of Olive growers  in Lombardy / Associazione Interprovinciale Produttori Olivicoli Lombardi) and Fondazione Fojanini (SO) have brought significant and lasting improvements to the quality aspect of their products.

In this area olive growing locations coincide with the most famous tourist sites which are favorite destinations for vacationers and hikers.
On one day in June, on the other hand, the festival of EVOO of  Perledo, "Perledolio" is date that gathers together, producers, experts and visitors, to enjoy the multiple aromas and tastes of the region of Lario and Sebino, letting themselves to be seduced by other local artisan products in the ancient caves constructed by rocks. From the tiny town square of the church San Martino di Tours, one of the most beautiful viewpoints, situated on the top of the hill, one can contemplate spectacular sight of  the lake of Lario and the Vezio castle, immersing into the fascinating world of the EVOO of the olive trees who caress and protect this territory from the Roman times.

As a result of their dedications to every stage of the olive oil production, whose EVOOs were awarded prizes at prestigious national and international competitions:

• Premio Sirena d’Oro di Sorrento 2013 - Menzione di Merito per l’Olio Extravergine di Oliva di Bosio di Bellano, Az.Ag. Poppo di Leonardo Enicanti

Premio Los Angeles International Extravergine Olive OIl Competition 2015 - medaglia d’oro, nella categoria del fruttato intenso, all'Olio Extravergine di Oliva "Terre del Larinosauro" di Az.Ag. Fabio Festorazzi.

Varieties of olive:
Frantoione, Bolgegna and Leccino are the varietals traditionally cultivated in suitable areas for  production of olive oils in this region, to which for some time been added Pendolino.

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