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Interview to: La Meridiana

Q1)Do you tell us the peculiarities of your extravergin olive oil (EVOO) and its link to your olive growing territory?
Our three Extravergin Olive Oils (EVOO) on the bank of Brescia of Lake Garda are able to express all the productive potentialities of this "extreme" area in terms of the northern limit of the olive growing, thus we can produce from a delicate and light fruity  which is presented as our assemblage (blend) "Classico" to two monovarietals such as a very fragrant and medium fruity  with the cultivar FS 17 and another intense fruity from the autochthonous variety of our region Casaliva.

Q2) How was used olive oil and table olives in the daily kitchen in your childhood? Do you remember any your favourite traditional recipes based on olive oil and its derivatives?
In our family we have always consumed a high quality olive oil, as a matter of the fact that we can usually find it in the house.
The dish that reminds me of our tradition of olive growers is the flavour of the freshly extracted olive oil on the still hot boiled potatoes.

Q3) Do you think that the high quality restaurant sector could be fundamental for creating the synergy with the producers of excellent EVOO?
I think that it is fundamental that the quality restaurant brings together the producer to the final consumer, because the catering sector can, by means of the pairing "EVOO – Food", fully express a potentiality of each product.

Q4) Do you have any suggestions and/ or ideas to offer consumers the occasion to discover this precious product rich in culture, story and pleasure: oleo-tourism, EVOO tasting sessions in particular locations, collaboration with the specific eno-gastronomy sectors/ protagonists, for example?
My suggestion to the consumer is that you never limit to one  olive oil at home, but try various types of EVOOs, regarding my opinion, the search for a combination of the "right EVOO" in a dish makes you find the option of transforming a trivial food in an exquisite dish.

Società Agricola La Meridiana
Via Provinciale n. 9
25080 Puegnago del Garda (Brescia)
+39 0365 651265

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