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Sabato in Cucina: the Cooking Course in Oil Mill hold by multi-awarded renown Chef ( Cuciniero) - Salvatore Tassa

Restaurant Colline Ciociare   Acuto (FR)

It was a significant experience to attend one of the cooking lessons, consisting 5 sessions, which took place Saturday April 2, the theme of which was "Pasta and Extravergin Olive Oil" (EVOO).
When I heard the duration of a course for "four hours", to tell the truth..., I wondered if it could be included a tasting dinner or who could hold a cooking lesson for "four hours" with only two basic ingredients as "Pasta and EVOO"...It might be that we are so used to see "Cooking Shows, for, more or less, an hour and half, often organized during some enogastronomy fairs...?
I confess that I saw him having taken directly from his kitchen of the prestigious multi-awarded restaurant, just having finished greeting his guests for the Sunday lunch, a few cooking tools and basic ingredients so essential that one could, to prepare two proposals, "cornerstones" of the traditional Roman cuisine": "Amatriciana" and " alla Carbonara".
I confess that I have never seen in my professional life a "cooking class" so generous, interactive and fundamental as he dedicates to the participants. Mentioning  historical meanings and connotations of recipes and ingredients, culinary techniques, as well as the key points to be respected and to reminder for these "classic recipes", because in which there should be always used another indispensable cooking fat "Guanciale"... Pointing out, especially, "the ideal quantity, why and when to add and season".
I will introduce some photos of this course, and, among others, reveal exclusively to visitors of this site the secret of an original recipe "Tagliolini all’Olio" of Chef (he prefers to be called "Cuciniero": a term evokes a kind of "peasant feature") Salvatore Tassa! (a unique delicacy created with only two essential ingredients: la Pasta and l'Extravergin Olive Oil, apart water (with a bit of spring of dried oregano) and salt.

Recipe : Tagliolini all'Olio Extravergine


Fresh and thin handmade (preferably) pasta called Tagliolini**
High quality EVOO that you have available at home or select EVOOs from different intensities of fruitness with various organoleptic characteristics, in this way  you can discover your own favourite paring.
Salt, Oregano


Put water on to boil with salt and a little bit of spring of oregano and when it comes to a rolling boil, add Tagliolini.
Once cooked, drain the pasta in a deep bowl in which it will be possible to mix the pasta and the selected EVOO.
Mix and stir the pasta vigorously, slowly adding the oil in, so as to "amalgam" better two ingredients, until an emulsion-like consistency of the EVOO will be obtained. Great a bit of  cheese (Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano/Trentino) to taste, without exaggerating its quantity that overwhelms the inherent flavour of the EVOO. (I recommend you, and in this case, to see the "exclusive" photos to learn how to cut the dough and mix the pasta with oil...).

**If you would like to try "homemade pasta", I recommend you to see the photos...).

Sabato in Cucina ( Let’s Cook on Saturday)
:The Enhancement of l'EVOO with Chef (Cuciniero) - Salvatore Tassa

Saturday April 22 from 5 pm to 8 pm: Desserts and l'EVOO

Info & Address: /  

tel: (+39) 0775418956
Frantoio Olivicola degli Ernici Via Pratone ( Loc. Pitocco ) Vico nel Lazio ( FR)

Molino a pietra dal 1780 Gerardo Caldaroni (The miller of  excellent flour, who maintain the traditional producing techniques: "mill stone", used for the dough for the cooking course)

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